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Do you need new gym wear?

20 Sep

Like most of us, we spend our summer’s outdoors. Whether it be swimming, running, biking, we take our active life outside, anything but being inside a smelly, sweaty gym. Now’s the best time more than ever to revamp your gym wardrobe. Need some motivation to hit the gym hard again, the best way is to do it in style.

As a gym enthusiast I am shocked at the amount of men I see not wearing “proper” gym wear and I don’t mean designer wear. I’ve seen it all from jeans, to dress shoes, clothes that are too tight or too baggy, ripped shorts and stained t-shirts.

Here’s a simple list of things to wear:

Tanks or t-shirts – can be cotton or any sweat wicking material for more comfort and won’t show sweat. Stay away from oversized shirts or too fitted. Find something that’s loose enough that you’re comfortable to move around in.

Shorts or pants – Depending on your preference, shorts not too short and cotton or synthetic fibers are a perfect way to stay comfortable during a workout. I do however suggest avoiding materials like nylon and any 80’s style bodybuilding pants, you know the ones I’m talking about that are colourful with patterns all over them.

Shoes – Any type of athletic shoe is great, avoid “casual” shoes like converse all-stars. If you are unsure as to what will suit your needs best talk to any sales staff at the store they are knowledgeable and will access your performance needs.

Accessories – AVOID sweat bands wristbands any bands, if you tend to sweat carry a towel with you. As well Du-rags are a big no, I don’t even know if i’s healthy to have something soo tight on your head.  Avoid wearing knee-high sock, the highest they should be is to your ankle.   

 It’s truly amazing how much we’ve evolved, don’t look like you’re stuck in the past!



What are these guys thinking?

13 Sep

I’m talking to you boys… Football jersey’s and shorts should be kept for the tailgate parties not at the mall.

Lost weight, time to shop

28 May

200011488-001An interesting issue that one of my clients has brought to my attention is weight loss.

My client recently lost 20lbs and nothing fits him any more, he wants to go shopping but is unsure of what exactly to buy and now does not know his size.

We decided to shop for all new casual wear, this includes; jeans, shorts, shirts, and a  few long sleeves.  That being we are only shopping for the summer.  If there is one piece I can offer to all you, motivated to shed some pounds.  Wait to shop, until you have lost all the weight you intead on losing. This is very important because when it comes to denim there’s no turning back on sizing, either it fits or it doesn’t. Business attire is a little different because suits can always be altered a little here and a little there.  At first only buy basics that you need, weight can fluctuate a little at the beginning so you don’t want to buy too deep in a size that might not fit come next season. My advice is to buy small first and as the weeks and months go by gradually build your wardrobe.

So remember until you have lost all the desired weight, “weight” to go shopping.