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The men of TIFF 2009

14 Sep

See who’s wearing what this year at Toronto’s annual Film Festival. Star studded and full of crazed fans waiting outside local hot spots throughout the city only to catch a glimpse of some of the world’s hottest celebrities.

The Men of TIFF are premiering the tie-less suit look.

This year, George Clooney at the Ryerson theater for the premiere of Up in the Air.


 Viggo Mortenson and Robert Duvall at the premiere of The Road. Both keeping it cool and casual on the red carpet sans tie.


Chris Rock, going for the more casual look by mixing a cashmere v-neck sweater and dress shirt. We still are not seeing any tie wear. Could this possibly be the new fall trend for celebrities. Chris Rock on the red carpet for the premiere of Capitalism.


Michael Stuhlbarg on the red carpet for the premiere of A Serious Man at the Visa Screening Room. Still no tie, but looking dapper and sleek in his suit.



Donald Trump, nice tie

12 May


 I have to give it to him, i’m pretty impressed with his tie choice.  Finally, I can add him to the list of well-dressed celebrities.






Doing business on the golf course

5 May

For years we’ve seen the same old golf shirt, time to dress like a pro and  switch up your style. It might even improve  your golf swing.

There’s always that old saying; As much business gets done on the golf course as in the boardroom, so why not dress to impress.


Jesper Parnevik sponsored by J. Lindeberg.


























Luke Donald sponsored by Ralph Lauren Sport






















Aaron Baddeley sponsored by Original Penguin












Henrik Stenson sponsored by Hugo Boss large_1435











Jeff Ogilvy sponsored by Puma






Stefano Ricci

4 May

 Stefano Ricci is a one of kind italian designer, Stefano Ricci has designed men’s clothing for over 30 years.  His line, with suits costing up to $30,000, is considered the most luxurious and expensive in the world. I do believe in paying for quality but during these times, these ties are staying on the shelves of Bergdorf!!

Would you buy this tie for $510 us?bgn0b91_mn








It gets even better $1200 us?


Novelty ties

20 Apr

printed_necktiesOkay let’s get one thing straight, novelty ties of any sorts is a BIG NO-NO!  There’s a huge difference between novelty ties and everyday ties.  It doesn’t matter if you want to be festive, creative, or unique, its just tacky.

Tip- When shopping for ties, avoid purchasing any ties that come in plastic wrap.


Now, we can look at a celebrity like Don Cherry. I believe the man is daring and brave, especially in the world of hockey.  Being creativity and bold is definitely what fashion is all about, but be true to who you are.


Tip- Find a happy medium and you want to get a bit more creative, there are many different styles and colours to choose from. Choose a colour you normally don’t wear like pink, purple, or yellow. 


To wear a tie, or not?

23 Mar

img_0111I attended a family wedding this weekend and I was asked,  Do I have to wear a tie to the wedding?

If you are going to a wedding,  you should wear a tie to the ceremony (the actual wedding) but to the reception it’s okay to go tie-less. Your shirt should have a crisp collar and stand up strong without flopping over  looking messy.   Try adding a pocket square, if you decide to go tie-less but never use a necklace to replace a tie.  Make sure that you only have the top button undone, anymore and you  look unprofessional.

At the office the same rules apply, make sure to check up on the level of dress code your office inforces.   When it doubt always carry a tie in your briefcase or keep an extra plain tie in your office if something were to come up you are ready for anything, thats what being professional is all about.

Barack Obama is on point, once again.

16 Mar


Barack Obama speaks about AIG bonus payments as he makes remarks to small business owners, community lenders and members of Congress, today, in the White House in Washington.

I just had to comment on his tie choice today.  He truly knows what works and what doesn’t.  His tie speaks business, allowing him to relate to his audience as he was getting serious about  AIG’s financial situation.