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Korry’s knows a thing or two about suits

6 Jul

If now’s not the time then maybe it may never will be, helping to recession proof your wardrobe. Times may be tough but it’s the best time to shop. Korry’s on the Danforth is having a store wide sale, on all designer lables including; Hugo Boss, Canali, Pal Zieri, Coppley and Roberto.

Roberto, established in 1989, is Korry’s private label brand. Made from Italian pure wool fabrics, well-constructed Roberto suits are regularly priced at $798 but sold for an amazing $598 for one suit or 2 for $798, sizes 48 to 54 – $100 extra (alterations are included on single suits, but not included on 2 for 1). Shirts created by Roberto, 100% cotton regular up to $135.00 each just $79.98 or 3 shirts for $198. Roberto Italian silk ties regular to $65 each, now in groupings $39.98 each or 3 ties for $98.
Sourced specifically from some of the finest Italian fabric makers and Canadian clothing manufacturers, Roberto’s style is always fresh. Its price structure, though, remains stringently enforced by Saul Korman who says, quite simply, that Roberto “represents the best value for your menswear money in the country.”

569 Danforth Avenue • Toronto, Ontario M4K 1P9 • Tel: (416) 463-1115 • Fax: (416) 463-1880 


Porsche starts production on 4-door Gran Turismo

2 Jun

Porsche has started production of its new Panamera four-door Gran Turismo at the company’s plant in Leipzig and has reopened the plant to the public.

GM files for bankruptcy and Porche starts production on the 4 door Gran Turismo that starts at $115, 000 on the same day.  It makes you wonder who’s suffering from the recession.  All else said the car is definitely gorgeous.

Porsche+Starts+Panamera+Production+Leipzig+-QjZllRlTD7l June 2nd producton line in Leipzig, Germany.