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And sooo it begins, once again

10 Mar

Throughout these past blog-less months, i’ve been silently observing what’s going on in the world of fashion.  I’ve seen some pretty odious outfits, wacky trends, and some pretty funky stuff.  Its come to my attention that its been to long since i’ve last posted.  Sooooo I am picking up where i last left off and back at it.

Check back VERY soon!!!!


Fly Porter Airlines

27 Apr


Porter Airlines, takes the hassel for Toronto to get to the airport from the city. This convience factor is great for all business and personal flights to New York, Montreal, Chicago, Ottawa, Quebec City and seasonal to Mt Tremblant.  Flying 7 times a day to New York, Porter airlines will get you there in no time. Enjoy the luxury of its boarding area and inflight services.

Porter Airlines has just annouced an $45million dollar expansion this morning.