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And sooo it begins, once again

10 Mar

Throughout these past blog-less months, i’ve been silently observing what’s going on in the world of fashion.  I’ve seen some pretty odious outfits, wacky trends, and some pretty funky stuff.  Its come to my attention that its been to long since i’ve last posted.  Sooooo I am picking up where i last left off and back at it.

Check back VERY soon!!!!


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2 Jul


Back to the basics – how to tie a tie

24 Feb


4 in a hand knot – Also known as the simple knot or the school boy knot. This method is on the narrow side but is appropriate for all occasions.

  With wide end of tie on your right, one foot longer than thin end, cross wide end over thin end.
  Bring wide end back underneath.
  Cross wide end back over thin end.
  Pass wide end up through loop.
  Holding front of knot loose with index finger, pass wide end down through folds of knot.
  Tighten knot carefully. Slide know up snugly to collar.


The Windsor Knot – This method produces a wide triangular knot, use this method for thicker wider ties. The Windsor Knot is worn on more formal occasions, and it is especially suited for a spread collar that can accommodate a larger knot.

  Cross wide end of tie over thin end.
  Bring wide end up through loop and down.
  Bring wide end behind thin end and up to your right.
  Pass wide end down through loop and bring back across thin end to right.
  Turn wide end and bring up through loop.
  Pass wide end down through folds of knot. Tighten knot carefully. Slide knot up snugly to collar.


Once you’ve mastered these two, try the half windsor and the Pratt knot.