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Kanye West closes the VMA’s last night

13 Sep

If making a statement was on his mind last night at the VMA awards then so he did. After last year’s mishap, Kanye debuts his newest single “douche bags” dressed head to toe in red. Wearing every hip-hop artists’ claim to flame gold chains andLV red kicks, he did good this year. By making a fashion statement, rather than a verbal statement towards artist Taylor Swift last year. You make us so proud Kanye!!


Ashton Kutcher loves his bow ties

8 Sep

After watching Killers with Ashton Kutcher, I realized that he cleans up very well. In this movie he plays a professional spy that turns to a suburban husband. In the movie his character goes from suits to t-shirts and jeans. One thing I noticed he loves wearing bow ties and pulls the look of quite well. From the screen to everyday life to the red carpet, Ashton Kutcher knows how to dress.  

Red Carpet – On many different occasions, formal or semi-formal, we see him sporting a bow tie, adding a sense of elegance and style to his look.

Casual – When it comes to staying casual and cool, he tends to layer a lot of his pieces with denim keeping his look hip and cool. Adding accessories such as a long necklace or chain, a watch or bracelet helps to keep his look casual.  

14 Sep


wenn2572940 Let me just get one thing straight. In no way am I condoning this outfit. It is wrong on all levels, not even for a party, MTV award, even as a joke. But it’s Perez Hilton we’re talking about here so, so be it. What i will say is that his jacket did catch my eye.

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