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Do you need new gym wear?

20 Sep

Like most of us, we spend our summer’s outdoors. Whether it be swimming, running, biking, we take our active life outside, anything but being inside a smelly, sweaty gym. Now’s the best time more than ever to revamp your gym wardrobe. Need some motivation to hit the gym hard again, the best way is to do it in style.

As a gym enthusiast I am shocked at the amount of men I see not wearing “proper” gym wear and I don’t mean designer wear. I’ve seen it all from jeans, to dress shoes, clothes that are too tight or too baggy, ripped shorts and stained t-shirts.

Here’s a simple list of things to wear:

Tanks or t-shirts – can be cotton or any sweat wicking material for more comfort and won’t show sweat. Stay away from oversized shirts or too fitted. Find something that’s loose enough that you’re comfortable to move around in.

Shorts or pants – Depending on your preference, shorts not too short and cotton or synthetic fibers are a perfect way to stay comfortable during a workout. I do however suggest avoiding materials like nylon and any 80’s style bodybuilding pants, you know the ones I’m talking about that are colourful with patterns all over them.

Shoes – Any type of athletic shoe is great, avoid “casual” shoes like converse all-stars. If you are unsure as to what will suit your needs best talk to any sales staff at the store they are knowledgeable and will access your performance needs.

Accessories – AVOID sweat bands wristbands any bands, if you tend to sweat carry a towel with you. As well Du-rags are a big no, I don’t even know if i’s healthy to have something soo tight on your head.  Avoid wearing knee-high sock, the highest they should be is to your ankle.   

 It’s truly amazing how much we’ve evolved, don’t look like you’re stuck in the past!



Gym Bags for men

10 Sep

Are you that guy who goes straight to the gym after work? If you’re looking for a stylish bag that’s practical yet looks great with a suit. Look no further this fall, designers have made some gym worthy bags.

Marc Jacobs – Nylon duffel $105 available at selected Holt Renfrew in Canada

Ben Sherman – Canvas duffel available online at zappos.com $96

Jack Spade – Nylon canvas travel bag $275 available online at jackspade.com or selected Holt Renfrew in Canada.

Addidas – SLVR Y-3 nylon duffel core $115 , available online slvrstore.addidas.com

Puma/Ferrari wknder bag $100 USD, available online shop.puma.com

Lacoste – New Sport Retro bag $155, available at Lacoste stores.

Body Sculpt Fitness

29 Apr

Body Sculpt Fitness is a state of the art personal training studio conveniently located at Yonge and Finch. Owned and operated by fitness professional Mike Messinger, Body Sculpt Fitness is a full service personal training facility dedicated to personal attention, high quality training and the success of its clients.

Formerly of Extreme Fitness, Mike Messinger brings a unique approach to healthy living and physical fitness. Can-Fit-Pro Certified and university trained, Mike uses a variety of training methods and techniques to help his clients achieve outstanding results. Interested in overall wellness, Mike has extensive experience in nutrition and health counseling and has helped clients meet both weight loss and fitness goals. Mike has a proven history of successfully training both beginners and competitive athletes through a comprehensive and personally tailored fitness program. Combining unparalleled quality and personal service, Body Sculpt Fitness and Mike Messinger will change the way you look at personal training.

Body Sculpt Fitness offers the following:
-Exclusive one on one training
-Personalized exercise programs
-Brand new first class equipment, including a variety of cardio machines. upper and
lower body resistance machines and free weights
-Weight loss solutions
-Nutritional counseling
-Sport specific training
-Free parking
-Great location
-ttc accessible

Hours of operation, by appointment only:
Monday to Friday – 8am to 9pm
Saturday – 1pm to 5pm
Sunday Closed

To book an appointment for a FREE consultation or for any other inquiries such as location and rates please call 416-817-8771

Spring Training – Get the gear, get in shape

15 Mar


 It’s that time of year again, the arrival of Spring marks the return of shedding those extra pounds you’ve put on over the Winter.


Here’s some motivation;

1. Spring is coming fast, which means summer is just around the corner

2. You Get to wear some pretty fly gym gear

3. You will look and feel better about yourself.

4.  You will be able to fit into last years cltohing without it feeling too tight, thus saving you money.


kascaanhrsjca54a6kncatk1t0hca6kyrwlcaupgroocacur08zcawgnfngcacx5n9rcays0fd1ca0hikk5ca1zutzvca3hvnlfcav0u0t1cak48avycamw0fu0cavk3k4kcay8wnrdcawj38qp1Lululemon – There maybe a misconception regarding this heavily worn, female brand.  Which is also known as the pant that makes any womans  behind look nice, to say it polietly.  Yet understanding fit and fabrics is what Lululemon is all about, these pants are great for any physical activity and come in a wide variety of colours.  These pants are functional and fashionable and are fit for running errands around the city to pumping some iron at the gym.  











under_armour1Under Armour – Take the Lululemon logo and add a U and you got Under Armour. Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, who was a football player for the University of Maryland. Plank was sick of changing out of his sweating tshirts after practise and decided to create a line of mositure wicking fabric to outlast the sweat of the game. Under Armour includes tshirts, pants, hoodies, jackets accessories and recently added footwear.





y-3_logo_main_a3Y-3 for Adidas – Is a German sports apparel manufacturer and part of the Adidas Group, which consists of Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade and Adidas-golf company.  Besides sports footwear, the company also produces other products such as bags, shirts, and other sports and clothing related goods. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Adidas collaborated with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto to create Y-3.







This pricey $2500 (us) cobalt blue leather duffel that has detachable straps and zipper top closure. Perfect for a weekend getaway and is durable enough for the gym.  You’ll definitely turn heads with this duffel so make sure to lock this one up.