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Everybody knows it’s T-SHIRT TIME!!

1 Oct

Miami time or T-shirt time…. Everybody knows at 12:10am at the Jersey Shore, its time to put on your loudest and ugliest Guido t-shirt and head out to the clubs!!! As tacky and as lame, as it sounds, it’s a catchy way of letting your friends know. It’s GO TIME!
If you’re not familiar with Jersey Shore, watch this clip from last weeks episode of the boys getting ready.



“What not to wear!”

24 Aug

What not to wear on a first date, or second…or third!!! ED HARDY
It’s so overly played out that seeing guys wear it is just tacky. If you want to impress a girl, show that you have a sense of style by putting together a nice outfit. Impress her even more by opening doors, being on time, pulling out her chair.
Brands also to avoid: Tap out, affliction, anything with lame sayings, or pictures of anything in appropriate.