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Getting familiar with Marc, Marc Jacobs that is!

6 Oct

With his latest scent “Bang” just being released Marc Jacobs surely has saturated the fashion market, with purses, clothing, stationary, handbags for men and the scented world of perfume and cologne.

 “Bang” has a masculine scent of  pepper, wood, that’s spicy and full of power. It’s rough metal bottle is invigorating thats’s fit for any man, who’s looking for a new cologne for the cold season.



25 Aug

Don’t try to be the cool guy and stand out, your just going to look like a dork.  Picture ties, cartoon ties, or anything with too much junk on it, well, probably is junk.  Unless your 2-year-old bought it for you, or your best friend bought it as a joke.  Never leave the house with it on.

When shopping for a tie, look for subtle colors, solids work well, pinstripes do a great job complimenting a shirt.  Leave the polka dot’s for the women, and PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THIS AND LOOK LIKE A JACKASS.

Shop and Save at Holt Renfrew this month

2 Jul


Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi poses at the ‘(No One Knows About) Persian Cats’

15 May

Persian+Cats+Photocall+2009+Cannes+Film+Festival+YFrvhel7YgzlPalais Des Festivals during the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2009 in Cannes, France. I just don’t quit know whats going on with this outfit. If it’s the checkered polo shirt or the black tie with the unidentified pin on. Either way this outfit needs to be worked on and the brown Nixon watch does not help in anyway. Celebrity or not you’re still attending the biggest film festival of the world.

What he could have worn506393_fpx

Was a thicker tie or no tie especially if it doesn’t work with the outfit or look you’re going for. His shirt should have been fitted to his body. Especially since Ralph Lauren makes custom fit slim dress shirts. Since he decided not to wear a jacket  rolled sleeves is a good look, but you must make sure they are rolled just above your forearm and neatly rolled. You also have to make sure to be wearing the proper accessories that goes with your outfit. Also his colour choice was a little dull, especially for the French Rivera in May.