Kanye West closes the VMA’s last night

13 Sep

If making a statement was on his mind last night at the VMA awards then so he did. After last year’s mishap, Kanye debuts his newest single “douche bags” dressed head to toe in red. Wearing every hip-hop artists’ claim to flame gold chains andLV red kicks, he did good this year. By making a fashion statement, rather than a verbal statement towards artist Taylor Swift last year. You make us so proud Kanye!!


Gym Bags for men

10 Sep

Are you that guy who goes straight to the gym after work? If you’re looking for a stylish bag that’s practical yet looks great with a suit. Look no further this fall, designers have made some gym worthy bags.

Marc Jacobs – Nylon duffel $105 available at selected Holt Renfrew in Canada

Ben Sherman – Canvas duffel available online at zappos.com $96

Jack Spade – Nylon canvas travel bag $275 available online at jackspade.com or selected Holt Renfrew in Canada.

Addidas – SLVR Y-3 nylon duffel core $115 , available online slvrstore.addidas.com

Puma/Ferrari wknder bag $100 USD, available online shop.puma.com

Lacoste – New Sport Retro bag $155, available at Lacoste stores.

Ashton Kutcher loves his bow ties

8 Sep

After watching Killers with Ashton Kutcher, I realized that he cleans up very well. In this movie he plays a professional spy that turns to a suburban husband. In the movie his character goes from suits to t-shirts and jeans. One thing I noticed he loves wearing bow ties and pulls the look of quite well. From the screen to everyday life to the red carpet, Ashton Kutcher knows how to dress.  

Red Carpet – On many different occasions, formal or semi-formal, we see him sporting a bow tie, adding a sense of elegance and style to his look.

Casual – When it comes to staying casual and cool, he tends to layer a lot of his pieces with denim keeping his look hip and cool. Adding accessories such as a long necklace or chain, a watch or bracelet helps to keep his look casual.  

“What NOT to wear”

7 Sep

THIS IS A BIG NO – NO.  It’s actually a guy grocery shopping, if you can’t tell!!

Help! Do you need to organize your closet?

7 Sep

Does your closet look like this? 


Do you have a hard time putting together an outift quickly?

Does getting ready stress you out?

Do you have trouble finding that shirt or tie?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then get your closet audited and organized to look like this…..




It’s that time of year again.

7 Sep


 Time to put away that summer wardrobe and start preparing yourself for the cold season. If there’s anytime to do this, now’s the time if you haven’t already started. Sorting through your wardrobe is the best way to see what you have and what you “need” to buy.  I always tell my clients splurge on staple items, stick to classic looks that won’t go out of style.  The same goes for footwear, outerwear and accessories its easy to forgot what you have in your closet already, so make sure to go through everything before heading to the stores.


6 Sep

Recently named one of the best new emerging designers by Vogue Talent

This Italian line from the Paoloni group, targets the demographics of 35 and under and we will surely be seeing more of this label in many stores to come. Made in Italy but without the italian known pricing this hip line is casual and sporty fit is made for the man who’s young at heart.