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25 Aug



“What not to wear!”

24 Aug

What not to wear on a first date, or second…or third!!! ED HARDY
It’s so overly played out that seeing guys wear it is just tacky. If you want to impress a girl, show that you have a sense of style by putting together a nice outfit. Impress her even more by opening doors, being on time, pulling out her chair.
Brands also to avoid: Tap out, affliction, anything with lame sayings, or pictures of anything in appropriate.

Before & After Image Consultation

23 Aug

Holt Renfrew end of summer sale

31 Jul

 Whether your looking to stock up for next summer or looking for some end of summer gear. Now is the time more than ever, save up to 70% off all designer wear.

Brands include,

  • 7 for all Mankind
  • Armani Jeans
  • B.D. Baggies
  • Burkman Bros.
  • Converse by John Varvatos
  • Diesel
  • Elizabeth & James
  • G-Star
  • Holt Renfrew
  • King Baby
  • rag & bone
  • Ralph Lauren Blue Label
  • Riviera Club
  • Rock & Republic
  • Royal Underground
  • The Smooth Co.
  • True Religion
  • Varvatos Star

How to wear white pants

27 Jul

There’s that old saying; as a rule of thumb never wear white after labour day till memorial day.  Soo unless you’re on vacation, stick to the rule.

Achieve this look:

1. Make sure the fabric of the pant is not too sheer ( meaning see through) leave it for the imagination.

2. Length is important, too short or tall long can have you looking sloppy. Make sure if it’s a full length pant they hit the top of your shoe or sandal. If they are crop length they should be higher than your ankle in between your calf region. Rolling or synching to create a crop look is also a great option if your fearful of ruining the bottoms of the pant.

3. What to wear on top – Pairing it with a black or dark solid color t-shirt or long sleeve  fitted shirt creates a sophisticated and elegant look.  If tight is not your style they wear a button down dress shirt and leave the bottom 2 -3 buttons undone and roll your sleeves up to your forearm. Do not wear white on white, unless your going to an all white party it just doesn’t go. Avoid heavy prints and anything floral that makes you look like a tourist.

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Utopia Puffs

25 Jul

Prefolded these custom sewn handkerchiefs lessen the bulk and mimic the look of a pocket square.

Out with the old, in with the new

31 Mar


Don’t delay, Clean it out today!

One of the best ways to start off the season is to clean out your closet, as I’ve said many times.  But this is something that many people have a hard time doing.  Don’t know what to throw out, do you hold a personal value on, weight loss goal, spontaneous purchases, clothes with tags still on them.  The best way to get rid of the clutter follow my, 5 step plan of attack.

The five-step plan of attack

1 . What to keep – This will be a pile made for all items you currently wear.  Be honest ask yourself ; how often do i wear it? Does it fit properly? Anything torn, worn out, or has a stain, get rid of it.  This pile is for things you can’t live without, items that are essential to your wardrobe.  To make it easier try the box method, label boxes into categories; denim, dress pants, shirts, jackets and blazers, shorts, etc.   This will help you to see what you have too much of, and things you need more of.

2. Dump –  Most men tend to wear clothes that are comfortable, practical and easy to wear.  Yet many men keep clothing that doesn’t fit, doesn’t look good in, isn’t fashionable, and holds old memories.  If dumping sounds tough, get a second opinion.  Ask someone for help, this will help you elimante a lot more, creating more space in your closet.  Space you thought you didn’t have.

3. Reflect – Your closet should reflect who you are; your self-image and your lifestyle.  The dumping stage can bring up regrets, why did i get rid of thoes clothes? Don’t regret, think now i have more room for new clothes.

4.  Organize – Determine how you will hang your clothes, I’ve found the easiet way is by cateoriges and colours. Colour coding allows for you to find things quicker.   If you are lucky enough to have extra closets in your home you will want to store the off season clothes out of your main closet this is an excellent way to stay more organized. Heck you might even find that tie you’ve been searching months for.

5. Custom Closets- Closet organziers are also a great way to keep organized, allowing for a tie and shoe rack, different level hanging areas, why not go for the dream closet.


Once you’ve completed these 5 steps you will feel better about your wardrobe. Getting ready in the morning will be easier, always wondering why you’re always running late for work. Can’t find that shirt you wanted to wear.  Feel better about your closet, stay organized.