Why politican’s wear red ties

25 Mar

stopsignThe power of red.  

Red symbolizes wealth, strength, and passion. Many cultures also find special meaning in the color red, such as good luck in Chinese.  Red ties go way back neckties descended from the cravat and have been worn throughout history, red represented the red blood of the Guards. Want to lead your business team to a hard-won victory, red is an excellent choice for a tie color. 

In North America the colour red carries the strongest reaction of all the colours.  It represents; caution signs like the stop sign and traffic lights.  It represents love and hearts, we think of Valentine’s day and red roses. 

In the fashion world, Red has guts …. deep, strong, dramatic.  A geranium red.  A Goya red … to be used like gold for furnishing a house … for clothes, it is strong, like black or white.” – Valentino.  Associating the colour to Valentino’s infamous red dress and the red-carpet.  

Why do politician’s wear red ties?  amd_obama-waves

In President Obama’s first 11 days on the job, he wore only red and blue ties, observed Daily News reporter Joe Dziemianowicz.

Politician’s of course will use anything to gain power and popularity.  Most leaders exemplify this in their tie wear.  In Canadian politics, Michael Ignatieff  brands himself that way by wearing red ties that help him to draw in and captivate his audience (as seen below). 


 Michael Ignatieff works the Liberal party, as the new leader and commits himself to wearing red ties.  Since, he has not been associated with the Liberal party for that long, these  calculated tactics will help to himself to the party, as we see him wearing different varations of the red tie.

The next time you’re getting ready for a conference, a big meeting or maybe a public speaking event.  Think carefully about your colour choice and its meaning behind it.


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